Typesetting Services

Typesetting Services

Typesetting services has played an important role for the forefront of technological developments in the industry, including XML-driven workflows. It has encompassed a wide range of subject areas including all kinds of academic, college, professional and reference books.

Uses of Typesetting Services:

  • Its strengths lie in its ability to produce complex tabular and mathematical solutions
  • They are used for heavily-designed material. It brings a large degree of color control to computers
  • It enables multiformat publishing
  • Special applications and software's such as Arbor text 3B2, QuarkXPress, Adobe In design and Frame maker are used in various firms to simplify their needs

List of services that are included in typesetting services are:

  • Typesetting of all the files
  • Data Entry/OCR
  • Editing of all the content in suitable format
  • Proofreading the matter
  • Illustration drawing or images as per requirements
  • Image scanning and enhancing
  • Template and Sample creation

Some of the areas where these typesetting services are outsourced are:

  • Educational firms
  • Publishing houses
  • Magazines
  • Literatures, etc

About Graphics Design Outsourcing

We at Graphics Design Outsourcing are quite a reputed firm who has immense experience of handling these typesetting services from many years. Our services are based on suitability, cost and repurposing requirements. Before embarking on any project we work with our client's to make sure we achieve total clarity on the project specifications. With the qualified staff and technological equipments we are able to derive and create special templates based on any specifications.

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